Ladies Who Lunch
Each month a kick ass group of female business owners meet for lunch to share and explore.
past Lectures
A Woman’s Work
Chava Askew, Askew & Co.
Own Your Voice: From Core to Core
Rochel Lieberman, Ariber Speech
What to Wear & When to Wear It
Chanchi Milecki, Color Analyst
Accounting: The 3 Sheets
Soochie Semtana, The Smetana Group
Taking Charge: Balancing Life Through Personal Leadership
Chaya Abelsky, Life Coach, Triumphant Journeys
Making It Work
Sara Chanie Benarroch, GYMIES
The Law: What Every Small Business Needs To Know
Shoshana Brenenson, Brenenson Law
Leadership that Inspires
Bryna Leider, Director, Luria Academy
Knowing Your Worth
Rachel Fellig, Rachel Fellig Photography
Women & Finance
Fraidel Barber, WFG
Small Business Surprises
Chanie Frankel, Mimulo